Western Washington University

Electronics Engineering Technology

Senior Project - Spring 2013


A Braille display allows its user to read electronic materials quickly and portably, without the need for specialized and bulky Braille-dot printers and paper. Currently, an entry-level Braille display features about 18 characters and will cost just over $4500.  In contrast, the cost of developing Braillearn was less than $750.


Braillearn has been designed as an economical, entry-level alternative to expensive and sophisticated Braille displays currently on the market. In addition to its lower price point, Braillearn has a unique typing instruction program that allows the user to practice typing using the 8-key method while generating feedback on the Braille display. Together, the price of Braillearn and the integrated typing instruction program provide a more accessible and intuitive introductory Braille keyboard and display.



    Source code for the project is available through my

    GitHub repository.

    Hardware schematic design

    Hardware description

    Project proposal