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Demo program with wrong LCD drivers Demo program loaded onto my microcontroller with the incorrect LCD driver running. Because the incorrect driver was loaded, the polarities for both axes were reversed, thus displaying the program completely backwards
Console prototype This is the console for BITS. This would be placed on the user's handlebars so that they could toggle the switches. Still not completely finished, need to add more Plexiglass
Intro splash screen The first screen the user sees when they boot up BITS. This is also where the SD card is checked to see if the "settings.txt" file is present.
Main screen The main screen for BITS. The double arrow below indicates that both turn signals are on. Speed and distance are updated and displayed on the screen every second.
Configuration screen This is the configuration screen for BITS. If an SD card is not present or "setting.txt" is missing, BITS goes to this screen to determine the main tire's diameter.
Completely soldered turn signal The completely assembled turn signal fixed onto the PCB. Plexiglass surrounds the outside, protecting the back of the board. The 555 timers are on the back, as well as the 6 pin Molex connector.
The battery The rechargeable RC battery that powers BITS. It's a 9.6V, 2Ah battery that goes through the standard Tamiya connector to mini USB to power the board.
Hall Effect Device This tiny little device is the Hall Effect Sensor. It detects magnetic fields and outputs a 1 or a 0 based on the field. This is used to provide the speed and distance a user has travelled.
Another day in the lab A picture of the prototype operating at my messy workstation in the ETEC lab. Apparently those SuperFlux Ultra Bright LEDS are a little too much for my phone's camera to handle and produced a cool effect.


  • Prototype for demos on Thursday basically complete!

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