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Update Archives

  • 5/31/2011
    Constructed wire harness for the bicycle!
    Got both switches and Hall Effect device soldered onto headers, which connect to the harness.
    The harness uses a 6-pin Molex connector to connect to the turn signal and a 12-pin molex to connect to the main console.
    Updating the website with pictures, code will probably be uploaded tomorrow at the latest.
    As far as the prototype for B.I.T.S., it just needs to be mounted in some fashion onto the bicycle for demos on Thursday!
  • 5/24/2011
    Fine tuned the GetIO() function
    After much tweaking, I got the GetIO() function to be within 0.001 miles/min in terms of distance.
    As far as speed goes, I have NO IDEA if it's even close to accurate, but it seems to top out at ~30 MPH, ~44 KPH
  • 5/21/2011
    12:01 AM my board died!!!
    1:30 AM: Tried powering up my board again and it works! Turns out there was a crossed wires on the Hall Effect Device.
  • 5/16/2011
    Created a proof of concept design for the Hall Effect Device and one switch
    Works perfectly! Moving forward now to construct a soldered model.
  • 5/8/2011
    Finalized UI design for my system. See the pictures page.
    Also added SD card check at the startup of B.I.T.S. and can read information from "settings.txt"
  • 5/3/2011
    Successfully figured out how to write to SD card, both strings and variables
    After much trial and error, especially with variables, I finally can write data to the SD card
  • 5/1/2011
    Working with FatFS to modify SD card contents
    Very simple, easy to use file system module. I highly recommend it, check it out at this website
  • 3/1/2011
    Soldered components onto the PCB board
    All components, aside from the Molex connectors, have been soldered onto the board
  • 2/22/2011
    Received 3 copies of the turn signal PCB from EzPCB
    The board was manufactured in 2 days and shipped via DHL. Made it from Hong Kong to Bellingham, WA in a week! Had I ordered the board a week before Chinese New Year, it would have been received much sooner
  • 1/24/2011
    Ordered the turn signal PCB from EzPCB through their Educational Sponsership program
    Under this program, they provide the PCB for me so long as I promote their services.
    More information about this program can be found here
  • 1/20/2011
    Successfully loaded a program onto the microcontroller using Keil and a JTAG device
    Received the LMZ14203 Breakout Board from Sparkfun which will all me to make BITS portable by converting the 9.6V from the rechargeable battery to 3.3V to power the microcontroller and turn signal
  • 1/10/11
    Successfully loaded a test program onto my microcontroller using Eclipse
    Through loading the test program, found correct driver for my LCD on the microcontroller
    Working on getting Keil's Microcontroller Development Kit for ARM to flash software onto my microcontroller
  • 1/4/2011
    Purchased parts from SparkFun.com to construct turn signal
    Began work on website template


  • Prototype for demos on Thursday basically complete!

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