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Welcome to my senior project page

I am designing a Bicycle Information Tracking System (B.I.T.S), which is a touchscreen-based cyclometer. The user will be interacting with BITS by way of a 2.8" TFT LCD touchscreen. Information about the user's speed and distance traveled will be acquired by a Hall Effect device circuit and displayed on the screen. The user will also have the ability to save their accrued information from BITS onto a Micro-SD card.

Accompanying BITS will be an analog turn signal on a printed circuit board. This device will communicate with BITS through two handlebar switches by way of wires ran along the frame of the bicycle. Both BITS and the turn signal will be detachable, making the system portable and not forcing the user to constantly disassemble the system when storing their bicycle.

Pictures are being added now that my prototype is complete and code has been uploaded as well.

Warning:The "Pictures" page may take a while to load due to the size of the pictures, I apologize in advance.

Side note: if you click a link and an error comes up saying "Forbidden", give the website about a minute and you should be able to navigate further. Our server is a little wonky sometimes :(

PCB has been ordered for manufacture by EzPCB


  • Prototype for demos on Thursday basically complete!

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