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Conserving Energy, Floor-by-Floor


Welcome to my Project Website!!

My name is Sebastian Scheiff and I am a senior Electronics Engineering Technology student at Western Washington University. As part of our senior year, we are required to do a project using the knowledge we have learned. We have 9 month to plan, design and build the project with the guidance of Professor Morton. David Hay and I chose to build a Web based power meter to measure the power consumptions of individual departments or floors of school buildings.




We got word from Facilities Management that thanks to Ron Bailey we will be getting enough funding to build one prototype.



Currently we are designing the hardware and are working on a PCB board. Mr. Shepherd is helping us with a PCB board layout and will ultimately cut one for us. Hopefully we will have the design done soon so we can move on to testing the hardware and start writing the software.




We just had a meeting with Facilities Management again to discuss the installation of our power meter. They will install all the transformers and an enclosure for the power meter in mid May.




Today we finished our Hardware design of our circuitry. I posted the hardware description, production schematic and a parts list. I have not updated yet the prototype layout and schematic but that will come soon.





I got my part of the project working. The metering node was installed yesterday thanks to Vern Christianson. I had to tweak the numbers a little bit but it general it seems to give a pretty good reading. We are also very close to getting the website to display the numbers. The RS-485 is sending the data, the last bit is just getting the data on the Web.


Tomorrow (06/07/07) we will have an open door here in the engineering department. So anyone that wants to can come by and see all the projects done by the seniors of Ď07.



Well, we are finally done with our senior project. We got it to display numbers online. However, the scale is off and it needs to be formatted correctly. Also we are not able to store data yet.


Hopefully another senior next year will pick up the project and carry on with the project. I will leave a list on this website with possible improvements to the system. Either someone can add onto our project or can come up with a completely new design. The hardware (PTís and CTís) is installed and designed so that it can be used for other power meter designs.


Good luck to whomever is going to take on this project. It is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and rewarding.