Jeremy Ruhland

Jeremy Ruhland

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Nova Solar Window

June 05, 2014 — Jeremy Ruhland
Quantum Dots in the WWU Chemistry Lab

As part of its research programs, the WWU chemistry department has been developing Quantum dot technology. Quantum dots are a nanoscale material which can be designed to emit and absorb nearly any frequency of light desirable. In this case a material was designed which absorbs ultraviolet light and emits an orange light which is absorbed well by photo-voltaic solar panels.

A film of this material was then placed between two panes of glass and total internal reflection directed this orange light into the windowframe, where small solar panels collected the energy. This system can charge batteries or power environmental senors while remaining perfectly transparent for everyday use.

Nova Solar Window Wins $10,000 in UWEIC Competition

In April 2014 this project was demonstrated at the University of Washington Environmental Innovation Challenge (UWEIC) where it received both the 2nd place prize and the Clean Energy prize.

More information can be found on Professor David Patrick's research page.

Closeup of quantum dot layer