Andrew J Reilly

Phone: 206 276 3204



I am a senior at Western Washington University pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology with a minor in Computer Systems. I am originally from Seattle and plan on moving back after graduation. Over the last four years I have gained a vast knowledge of hardware and software design, from complete abstraction down to bit manipulation and have gained a solid understanding of the concepts that drive modern technology.


I always have had a passion for designing and building projects. Challenged with coming up with a senior project, I resorted to the idea of designing a device that could be used daily that would allow me to be creative. Last summer I began paragliding and after realizing the costliness of the sport, I began to formulate a solution. Inspired by the wave of smart watches hitting the market, I decided to build a Variometer into a digital stopwatch that could be worn by the user on his or her wrist. This project brought out my creative side, constraining my possibilities but allowing me to design and build something from scratch.


The EET major has taught me about hardware, with a specialty in embedded systems. The Computer Systems minor has provided my an excellent background in program flow and design, primarily in the C programming language. The Stopwatch Variometer allowed me to put my hardware design skills and software design skills together.