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Justin Rapozo

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The purpose of the Conserve-A-Watt household energy meter is to allow people to become more aware of their energy consumption through monitoring energy usage of various household appliances/electronics, T.V., etc. To achieve this, the meter will monitor RMS current draw, RMS voltage, real power, and kilowatt hours (in real time) of any device plugged into the meter. The meter will also be capable of measuring energy characteristics of devices consuming standby power (phantom loads). Also, the Conserve-A-Watt will be capable of recalling and displaying kilowatt hour usage via an LCD so that one will be able to calculate the cost to run a certain appliance.

Personal Background

Justin Rapozo

I am a senior at Western Washington University majoring in Electronics Engineering Technology. I also have a minor in mathematics. I have enjoyed being a teaching assistant for professor Tom Grady as well as working as a product engineering intern for Alpha Technologies. I enjoy electronics and challenging myself. For any other technical information please see my resumes


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Email: Rapozoj@students.wwu.edu
Phone: (253) 820-5432

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