Audio Modulated Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil AMDRSSTC - WWU 2013 EET Senior Project
Nikolas Knutson-Bradac



Some of the resources that have proved invaluable over this and other projects.

Special Thanks To:

-Steve Ward, the members of the 4HV forum, and anyone else who has been kind enough to contribute DRSSTC knowledge to the internet, for setting the ground work for this project.
-Rob G of the 43oh forum and by extension Limor Fried for the PCD8544 LCD driver library.
-CoilCraft for generously providing gate drive transformer samples.
-The faculty of the EET Program for their patience and dedication to instruction.
-All of the students in the EET program for putting up with me and my HV project.
-And to my family, who made any of this possible.