Electronics Engineering Technologies

Western Washington University

Sebastian (back) and myself (front) in the ET340 Fluke lab working on our senior project.


My name is David Hay and I am an Electronics Engineering Technology student at Western Washington University. This site is being designed to show information about myself and my senior project.

To Contact Me:

Phone: 425-241-6544

E-mail: hayd@cc.wwu.edu

4 - 04 - 07 - Its been awhile since I updated this thing so here goes.


Were getting ready to order the majority of our parts, since we were able to get enough funding for one meter.

After that we have a couple of weeks to get all of our hardware design down and our schematics drawn up.


5 - 01 - 07 - The Hardware design is finished and there are only 38 Days until the demonstration.


6 - 07 - 07 - Project Demonstration. Project is working and displaying the real-time power levels. @



Pwrmom1.etec.wwu.edu static.