Senior Project 2002 Photos

Todd Morton

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AFung1 AFung2 Chris1 DanBranden1 DanBranden2
Andrew Fung
Weather Station
Chris Mellroth
Effects Processor with Web Control
Branden Lee
and Daniel Droker
Web Enabled Access Control System
DDam1 DDam2 JoeS1 JoeS2 loganh
Dan Dam
Parking Space Finder
Joseph Stamm
IR Mouse
Logan Haines
Personal GPS
Lon1 Lon2 Shawn1 Shawn2
Lon Johannes
Guiter Tuner/Effects
Shi Hwang
Rug Robot
Trav1 Trav2 Wike1 Wike2
Travis Shorten
Electronically Controlled Preamplifier
Brian Wike
Automatic Skier Down Warning Flag
Z0Holland Z1ClassAlum
Holland's Still Here!?!? Class 2002 and Some Alumni