My Radio Telescope 1.4 GHz

This radio telescope was built my senior year in highschool for the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair. It operates at 1420 MHz (21 cm, L-Band) which is the frequency that hydrogen typically emitts when being combusted. This picture shows mostly the back end of the telescope. We had a 9 foot satellite dish with the LNA mounted on it for our front end section. The LNA is at the top of the picture; the small grey box. The back end contains a VCO (very expensive at 1420 MHz), Mixer, Band Pass Filters, and amplifiers. The output connects to a computer via a data aquisition card. Software still needs to be written (after I graduate). This telescope was designed by Alan Rodgers at Haystack Observatory, MIT. It is a varient on the SRTs (small radio telescopes) that they now sell to educational institutions. It supposedly has enough resolution to roughly map the milky way and detect the 3K background noise.